A paper titled “Framework for crisis-resistant engineering product development courses”, co-authored by Maximilian Schramek, Niccolò Becattini, Stanko Škec, Nikola Vukašinović, Manfred Grafinger and Patrick Rosenberger has been accepted at the E&PDE 2022 conference, to be held in London from the 8th to the 9th of September 2022.

Due to the COVID -19 crisis, educators were confronted with the problem that the way teaching can be offered often changes within days or weeks. The pace of these changes hampers a structured approach, rather it is necessary to change the format of education immediately based on the current state restrictions. In order to meet this demand, educators, who in most cases are already working to full capacity, must keep pace with these rapid changes, while at the same time addressing the challenges of fully virtual education. This is a particular challenge for educators without experience with digital technologies. In the absence of generally accepted guidelines on how to digitize the different types of lectures in the face of an ongoing (health) crisis, educators must rely on their own knowledge and skills rather than on scientifically based and proven approaches. To address this lack, the paper presents a framework for the systematic adaptation and digitalization of education and training in the event of a crisis.

The full paper will be available after the conference on the CResDET project website.