The CResDET project consortium planned to run the Multiplier Event during the last DESIGN 2022 conference, in Cavtat-Dubrovnik (Croatia). Unfortunately, as the COVID-19 restrictions required the conference to be held online and limit the spread of the virus, the consortium did not have the chance to spread the interim results of the project as planned.

However, if some opportunities cannot be caught, some others open up unexpectedly. During the conversations with some colleagues involved in other projects, the possibility to run the Multiplier Event at the University of Florence appeared to be very promising, as that institution has several initiatives regarding the digitalization of standard classes and the introduction of innovative teaching approaches.

For this reason, on July 4th 2022, the whole CResDET consortium will run the Multiplier Event of the project at the FIRST Lab of the University of Florence. During that event, the researchers from TU Wien, Politecnico di Milano, the University of Zagreb and the University of Ljubljana will meet their colleagues from the University of Florence, other HEIs of central Italy and companies. During the event, the participants will share their experiences of transiting towards digital education, as forced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the CResDET consortium will also present the methodology for supporting the digitalization and the remotization of teaching initiatives in crisis scenarios (whether this depends on health-related scenarios or on socio-technical changed conditions). The participants will compare their experiences with the prescriptions of the CResDET methodology. This will make it possible to run a preliminary validation of the same to support the digitalization of educational initiatives and define the required improvement to make it suitable also in vocational contexts, for the education of professionals recently hired in corporate environments.